How to set up and accept online payments from customers?




  • Joseph Manser

    In the drop-down menu, there are no options to select "Stripe, Venmo, PayPal Checkout, Braintree, Custom link, UPI, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Square". I am using the Moon Invoice Pro on a Mac running the latest OS and app software.

  • Joseph Manser

    Update: I see in the iOS version where I can select Online Payment to setup, but not from the app on my iMac. It appears to be missing. Also, on the Phone App there is not option to setup ApplePay.

  • MT Team

    The option to set up an online payment from MacOS device will be available with a future update of the application. You can set up your online payment options from your iOS device application for now. Feel free to contact us if you have any further queries or suggestions.

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